Why is a properly fit bike important?

Anyone who has ever ridden a bike could probably make the necessary adjustments to their bike to get them to their destination. However, will those adjustments be the right ones the place your body in the most optimal position to succeed? Any time we move as humans our muscles contract and use our bones as levers to create movement. When we break things down to a microscopic level our muscles contract based on something called the “sliding filament theory”. As indicated by the name, there are muscular components called Actin and Myosin which simply slide past one another when a muscle contracts. In order for optimal force to be delivered during each muscular contraction, the theory states that muscles must be at a certain length to have this maximum force distributed. The entire goal of the SMC bike fit is to align your muscles and joints so that you are in the best possible position to deliver maximum force and power through each pedal stroke.

Not only will a proper bike fit put you in a biomechanically optimal position to deliver maximal force but it will also improve rider aerodynamics, reduce the likelihood of injury, improve power and efficiency and increase your comfort while riding. Combined, all these benefits will ultimately improve race times and enjoyment for all cyclists.

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