“Every week I’m on the bike between 10 to 15 hour striving to achieve my goals as a professional triathlete. With the training load and different bikes that I’m on its imperative that my bike fit is dialed in. Early this season while experiencing some knee pain on my road bike I went and saw Adam Redmend at Speed Matrix Canada for a fit adjustment. Four hours later we had shot the gauntlet adjusting both my saddle height and cleat position. After a couple of rides the knee pain was gone and my shoulder and neck carried a lot less tension. Working at speed theory I have done my fair share of fitting and after having a dynamic bike fit I will never race my bike again without having a full assessment done by Adam.”

Jon Bird, current Canadian elite world cup team member, Alberta provincial champion in ’08, ’09 _ 16th at Canadian Nationals ’09

“I did the 30th Annual Frank Dunn Olympic Triathlon in Saskatchewan this past weekend. I finished 6th overall, won my division (50-59) and set a new bike course record by almost 10 minutes! The fit was awesome!!! Thanks for the great fitting guys. I proudly wore my Speed Matrix T-Shirt at the awards.”

John Winterdyk, Triathlete

“Adam, what the hell did you do to my bike? I just had my fastest ride ever today in the 1\2 ironman. About 2:50 for the 90 k! My legs didn’t feel fatigued at ALL, not even a little bit. I was really comfortable and think the fit really helped! Thanks!”

Ruth-Ann Manganaro, Triathlete

“I did Ironman Arizona on Nov 20th.  It was the first time I rode the bike on the road since our final fitting together.  Anyway, I wanted to say, that it fit like a charm… And I wanted to thank you for that!!!  I actually out-performed myself from last year, making it my PB!! Thanks again Adam. You’re the Best”

Catherine Keller, Triathlete

“I first contacted Speed Matrix in March 2010 when I purchased my Cervelo P3 time trial bike.  Although I had been racing for 9 years, I wanted to optimize my body position to improve my time trial performance in the highly-competitive Category 1/2 races.

The 3-dimensional analysis was very thorough, and my bike and cleats required many adjustments due to my unique body biomechanics.  The results were immediate – I had the fastest Masters 40-49 results for the first two time trial races of the season, and I was awarded the provincial team skinsuit to race for Team Alberta for the Canadian Road Nationals time trial in July 2010.  In the Nationals time trial, I had the fastest time of my racing club for all ages and ability categories.  In 2011 I continued to perform well in the time trial races, and placed first in the Masters 40-49 results for the Alberta Provincial Time Trial – my first gold medal in an Alberta Provincial Time Trial race.

Not only did the bike fit improve my racing performance, but it corrected issues that were causing occassional lower back pain and hip/knee pain. Is it worth it?  In a word: yes.”

Dennis Bland, Time Trialist

“I went out for a ride this morning and the adjustment seems to be working very well. Felt much more even through both hips and felt  more pressure/power and evenness pushing through the balls of the foot. I think you were quite bang-on on the adjustments! Dropping the R-heel on the down stroke also seems to alleviate the stress on L-hip so I’ll keep practicing and hopefully it will get better. Adam, I really enjoyed the process and appreciate how meticulous you were with each adjustment. Also, thanks for tips on form and technique!”

Tomo Tsuchida, Road Cyslist

“In early December I had the opportunity (birthday gift) to have my bike set up by Adam of Speedmatrix using the Retul System.  Before the set up began Adam spent just the right amount of time asking questions and then listening to my current concerns (i.e. comfort in the aero position), issues and overall cycling goals. Adam then performed a short flexibility test….then it was onto the bike. The Retul system indicated that I needed some definite adjustments to my current Tri-Bike set up.  These included shims under the cleats in my bike shoes (to improve my knee tracking) , plus some minor height (seat) reach (stem) and handlebar (armrests) adjustments to improve overall position and comfort. All I can say is wow!!
The week before my session with Adam I recorded my HR, and cadence during a 90 minute spin class.  I made a mental note of the exact gear I was spinning in. Shortly after my set up session with Adam, I once again recorded my HR, and cadence during the same 90 minute spin, but this time in order to get my HR and cadence to the same level as the week earlier, I in fact needed to shift up to a larger gear!   Thus not only was I faster, but I felt way more comfortable. All I can say is thanks Adam, working with you was great.  You really know your stuff. I would highly recommend  the Speedmatrix bike setup to anyone looking for improved comfort and performance on their bike.”

Shaun Moar, Age Group Triathlete

“”Thank you for fitting me to my bike. I was impressed with the equipment you have invested in. With measurements that precise, it was very easy to feel the fit getting better and better as you got me dialed in on the bike. I wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend you to anyone after feeling how good my bike felt when you finished.”

Paul Nelson, Triathlete

“Anyone looking to improve their performance or simply be more comfortable on their bike needs to visit Adam at Speed Matrix Canada!!  The Retul System, combined with Adams knowledge of biomechanics makes for the perfect fit.  He listens to you, and takes the time needed to get it right, so you can perform at your best!!”

Robert Shypitka, Age Group Triathlete

“After working through trial and error on my own to find the correct bike position I was very pleased with the results from the Retul system and Adam. The dynamic measurement system is very comprehensive and the changes that Adam made to my position on the bike (even as precise as recommending some shims in my right cleat) provided me with a much more comfortable, powerful ride. I highly recommend Adam at Speed Matrix and the Retul fitting system to anyone that spends a lot of time in the saddle.”

Greg Marfleet, Triathlete

“Hi Adam, I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the fitting last Friday.  Rory did a good job getting the bike set up, shimming my cleats (made a huge difference), and identifying some key stretches and exercises to add to my training plan.  As a result of the Speed Matrix fit, I feel a lot more confident going into my 3800 mile trip across the States this summer with Bike _ Build.”

Jake Latcham, Road Cyclist

“Just wanted to let you know that the bike fit has proved itself over the last week. Besides several ‘mini’ sessions, I have completed 2 – 2 hour ETS Performance Threshold Training sessions at the Talisman.  Very little tingling in my feet – big difference from before.  I also tilted the seat a bit more forward (down) now no real numbness in the groin area – yipeee! Thanks for the care and attention, what a difference a proper fit makes.”

Dario Gnoato, Road Cyclist

“I just wanted to thank you for the bike fit on Friday.  I have been out a couple of times now and on both occasions I returned without a back ache (I was actually able to walk upright after the rides) which has not been the case typically over the last 2.5 years.   I should have done this sooner!  Way sooner. I am totally satisfied with the outcome and value I received. Thanks again”

Aldo Romanzin, Road Cyclist

 ”I have been competing in triathlon and bike racing for 6 years.  I came from a competitive swim background and all my bike knowledge and set-up came from friends.  I received a bike fitting  a month ago through Speed Matrix.  Based on their computer analysis they raised my saddle 2.5cm (and other small adjustments)!  I competed in the Great White North Long Distance Triathlon a month later.  I was able to drop 6 minutes from my previous bike split on the same course, using the same bike, but new position.  I  also posted the fastest bike split overall for women.  Not only was my biking improved, I came off the bike feeling “fresher” than normal and was able to run a PB half marathon!  Thanks Speed Matrix team.”

Kelly Marcotte, Triathlete

“Spencer, thank you for your help. I only had my first ride on the tri bike over the weekend because of poor weather last week. It felt fantastic! I was more comfortable, faster, and less tired. Again, thank you for your great job and thoughtful information.”

 Dan Wang, Road Cyclist _ Triathlete

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