Why the SMC Bike Fit?

The Speed Matrix Bike Fit is unlike any other bike fitting service offered in Calgary and Alberta for that matter. We fit you in a dynamic setting with the utmost precision in identifying the important body angles. At SMC we use state of the art software from Retul which gives us data that is accurate to under a millimeter. This precision combined with our experience and expertise allows us to combine the science of fitting with the art, ensuring only the best results for your performance!

Can the SMC bike fit be used for any bike?

Yes! The diversity of our system allows riders to be fit on Road, Tri, TT, and Mountain bikes.
Our goal at Speed Matrix is to ensure each cyclist is properly fit by examining every integral component in the sport of cycling from your cleats up to your hands. We overlook nothing in our complete bike fit assessment. We first do a complete flexibility, leg length discrepancy test and examine foot loading patterns followed by the bike fit itself. During the bike fit we use revolutionary technology and LED’s from Retul to capture the rider’s movement. The motion capture process allows us to compile data from the rider at a rate of 476 Hertz in a 3-D space. From here, we objectively look at this set of data, apply the appropriate physiological and biomechanical principles and adjust your bike to fit YOUR body with more precision. Once the fit is complete you will also be given a full print out with the exact geometry of your bike as well as various body angles from our final motion captures. If you ever need to take your bike apart to travel or you are buying a new bike these are great pieces of data to have! The entire fit process takes about 2.5 hours, so expect the best feedback and service during your time with us!

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